The UWEBC is hiring!

The UWEBC is searching for a Digital Marketing Practice Director. This position is responsible for leading the marketing focus area for the consortium. The Digital Marketing Practice Director will plan and execute effective strategies for the collaborative learning, applied research, advisory services and industry outreach offerings. Applications are due December 2. Learn more and apply»

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Member Spotlight
What are SIGS?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are small groups of UWEBC members focused on targeted topics. SIG members take an in-depth look at challenges that can't be covered in just one meeting.

To remain as effective as possible, each SIG has different membership criterion. Please contact the Practice Director in charge for details. See more »

What We Do at the UWEBC

We do peer-to-peer learning among leading Wisconsin companies, focused on business best practices and emerging technologies.

Learn about our acclaimed Peer Groups, Executive Retreats, Member-to-Member Advising and other offerings.

Beth de GarciaQuestions about becoming a UWEBC member company? Member Relations Director Beth de Garcia at or 608-265-0645.

Quick Contacts

Executive Director: Dr. Raj Veeramani,, 608-262-0861

Member Relations Director: Beth de Garcia,, 608-265-0645

Marketing Practice Director: Sandra Bradley,, 608-265-3299

Information Technology Practice Director: Cavinda Caldera,, 608-890-1291

Research and Education Director: Alfonso Gutierrez,, 608-262-5690

Managing Practice Director and Customer Service Practice Director: Roger Paulson,, 608-261-1161

Supply Chain Management Practice Director: Wayne Thompson,,

Member Services and Events Manager: Jen Anderson,, 608-890-1406

Member Services and Events Coordinator: Betsy Golomski,, 608-262-1145

Marketing and Communications Manager: Lori Wilson,, 608-890-2449

Marketing and Communications Specialist: Nicole Lipp,, 608-262-1476

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